Starting Up

Now a days cost of incorporate companies has reduce with effect from 26 January 2018 drastically zero incorporation fees has introduced by Modi government. If you incorporate your company with 10 lac authorized capital then government fees will be around 7000/- The higher the authorized capital, the higher this amount will be.

This Rs. 7,000, however, assumes that you will do all the work yourself, which is unlikely. You will most likely hire an online legal services company (Online Filing for example, charges Rs. 7,000) or a local CA or CS, whose charges will depend on quality.

Cost: Online Legal Company Online Filing can do this around Rs. 9,999/- for authorized capital of Rs.10 Lakh.

Business Registrations

Actually its not requirement of company registration but if you are selling product and services then you must obtain GST. You need obtain Shop Establishment License, current account and Professional tax as per norms.

Cost: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15,000 per registration.

Mandatory Compliance

Mandatory Compliance is a painful process which include following step.

  • Declarations to the MCA
  • Drafting the Minutes of Bord Meeting
  • Filing financial of directors and the company
  • Annual Filing
  • Director Report

Cost: Online legal companies like Online Filing will do this for Rs. 6,000 per year (inclusive of government fees)

Accounting & Auditing

It is not requirement of Private Limited Companies but business should maintain all books of account in proper manner and it is mandatory too for Private Limited Companies. Charges start from monthly 3,000/- for accounting and atlest 10,000/- yearly for auditing.

Cost: Online Legal companies like Online Filing will do this Minimum of Rs. 1,000 a month for accounting and at least Rs. 8,000 for auditing.