Universal Account Number (UAN) is a Unique Account Number allocated by the EPFO, which contains multiple PF Member Ids assigned to an individual by multiple establishments. The UAN would act as a single window to access all the documents and data related to an individual linked under the said UAN.

Employees will be allocated Universal Identification Number (UAN) by employers having Provident Fund registration.

Services Available to UAN Members

  • Employees can link all their PF account number to single UAN through UAN member portal (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in).
  • Post linking of previous PF accounts, the transfer of PF balance triggers itself without requesting the same online.
  • Employees can verify their KYC online with a link to Aadhar.
  • The EPFO members could view the latest PF balance via SMS. Click here for the procedure to check your PF balance?
  • The member would be able to access the link to download the UAN passbook through the online UAN portal. This passbook comprises of all the details regarding the member’s PF.

Click here to know online EPF Registration Procedure for Employers

How to know your UAN

Step 1: Go the UAN Portal 


Step 2: Click on the tab ‘Know your UAN Status’.

Step 3: Select your state and EPFO office from the drop-down menu and enter your PF number/member ID along with the other details such as name, date of birth, mobile no, captcha code. You can get the PF number/member ID from your salary slip. Enter the tab ‘Get Authorization Pin’.

Step 4: You will receive a PIN on your mobile number. Enter the PIN and click on ‘Validate OTP and get UAN’ button.

Step 5: Your Universal Account Number will be sent to your mobile number.

How to activate and log in to the EPFO website using UAN?

In order to activate UAN, it is essential that you have your Universal Account Number and PF member id with you. Given below are steps to activate.

Step 1: Go the EPFO homepage and click on ‘For Employees’ under ‘Our Services’ on the dashboard.

Step 2: Click on ‘Member UAN/Online services’ in the services section. You would reach the UAN portal.

Step 3:  Enter your Universal Account Number, mobile number and PF member ID. Enter the captcha characters. Click on ‘Get authorization PIN’ button. You will receive the PIN on your registered mobile number.

Click on ‘I Agree’ under the Disclaimer checkbox and enter the OTP that you receive on your mobile number and click on ‘Validate OTP and Activate UAN’.

On activation of the UAN, you will receive a password on your registered mobile number to access your account.

If you wish to change your password it is possible, when you log into the UAN portal with your Universal Account Number as id and the password you receive on your mobile number.

Facilities Provided on UAN Member Portal

The UAN Member Portal currently provides the below-mentioned facilities to its registered members:-

  • Download Passbook
  • Download UAN Card
  • List Previous Member IDs
  • Enter KYC Details
  • Check Eligibility for Online Transfer Claim
  • Online Transfer Claim
  • Edit Personal Details

KYC of UAN Member

In order to update the KYC details, the member could access the UAN portal and then click the ‘Profile’ menu -> Click on “Update KYC Information” -> The KYC document uploaded by the member must be digitally approved by the employer. The status of KYC would reflect as “Pending: until it has been approved then approved.

Transfer & Withdrawal of PF

To withdraw the PF(Employer & Employee) Amount along with EPS Amount, the EPFO has launched a ‘Composite Form’ to take care of withdrawals, transfer, advances, and other related payments.

Before you start the withdrawal processmake sure Balance of all your previous Employment PF Accounts has been transferred under current employment. The total service in the present establishment, as well as previous organizations/companies, will be taken into account and therefore, it is advisable to transfer all your previous companies PF amount into the current. Click here to read more

To Transfer PF Balance from the Previous Employer to Current, You may click here

Multiple Allotment of UAN

In the rarest of the rarest cases two UAN would be allotted to the member, this might occur due to non-linking of the Aadhar number with previous UAN. In such cases, the member is required to immediately report the same to his employer then the employer will make an application to EPFO for discontinuation of another UAN.

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UAN & Services under EPF
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UAN & Services under EPF
UAN & Services under EPF - UAN also known as Universal Account Number is a multiple PF member IDs allocated by EPFO. Listed in this are the services under EPF.
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