Quick guide for achieving ISO Standards

Your organization should have a clear idea of your objectives and what benefits it will gain by achieving ISO Certification. You have to be prepared to incorporate the Management Systems into every area of the business.

All staff must be aware of what is expected of them and where their areas of responsibility lie, in order to achieve ISO Standards

You will need to:

Define who your customers are for each department, for example:

– For the sales and marketing department, it will be the end users.

– For the IT department, it will be internal departments.

Management of Documentation On ISO Standards

You will need to communicate to all of your staff, the importance of keeping records and using the correct documentation.

On-going support and training

Staff should be suitably trained to ensure they are capable of carrying out their job function. You must keep records of past experience, education, and training to identify their capabilities.

Internal Auditing and Manual of ISO Standards

Regular Internal Auditing of your own system is required. Persons within your organization who are independent of the function being audited may carry these out.

You must have a procedure for how audits are to be planned, conducted and recorded.

Benefits of ISO Standards

ISO Standards will provide maximum benefit to your organization if it approaches

ISO Standards implementation in a practical way. This will ensure that the Management Systems that are adopted, work to improve the business and are not just a set of procedures that your employees will find hard to manage.

By adopting an approach that starts out to implement more efficient working practices and focuses on the business objectives of the organization, you will achieve a system that will help and support your staff, and improve your levels of customer satisfaction.

Whether you use an external assessor or allocate an internal resource to carry out the initial assessments, you will need to ensure that they have buy-in from senior management, so that all areas of the organization are aware of the importance of the ISO Standards process.

ISO Standards is not just suitable for large organizations but also small businesses that will benefit from adopting efficient Management Systems that will save time and cost, improve efficiency and ultimately improve customer relationships.

Some of the benefits to your organization:

  • Provides senior management with an efficient management process
  • Sets out areas of responsibility across the organization
  • Mandatory if you want to tender for some public sector work
  • Communicates a positive message to staff and customers
  • Identifies and encourages more efficient and time-saving processes
  • Highlights deficiencies
  • Reduces your costs
  • Provides continuous assessment and improvement
  • Marketing opportunities

Some of the benefits to your customers:

  • Improved quality and service
  • Delivery on time
  • Right-first-time attitude
  • Fewer returned products and complaints
  • Independent audit demonstrates the commitment to quality

We provide complete consultancy services up-to providing Certification.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Certification)

ISO 14001 (Environment Management System Certification)

ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management System)

OHSA 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Certification)

ISO 13485 (Quality Management System Certification for Medical devices)

SA 8000 (Social Accountability System Certification)

ISO 22000 /(Food Safety Certification)

HACCP: ( Food & Packaging Industry)

ISO 27001 (Information Security System Certification)

ISO 20000 (IT Service Management System Certification)

ISO 30000:2009 (Ship Recycling Management Systems)

BRC Certification (British Retail Consortium)

ISO 28000:2007- Security For Transports And Logistics

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

GDP (Good Distribution Practice)-Compliance based

BIFMA – Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association

ANSI/BIFMA e3-2010 Furniture Sustainability Standard

CE Marking– (Electrical, Electronics & Medical Devices & Other Product)

ISO 30405:2016: Human resource management — Guidelines for recruitment

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How do I get ISO certification for my business?
Article Name
How do I get ISO certification for my business?
Your organization should have a clear idea of your objectives and what benefits it will gain by achieving ISO Certification.
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